aurelia est quod ego sum... quod ego aurelis



We are getting there!  #newcollection #tribal #festival #bankholiday #visualmerchandising #fashion #fabric #fabricboutique


We are getting there!
#newcollection #tribal #festival #bankholiday #visualmerchandising #fashion #fabric #fabricboutique

Soulmate & I (or rather PsychoBabble)

when you go in for that final hug and it reeeaaalllly feels like a place you can live and it lasts longer than you expected and then he laughs, not an awkward laugh but this sweet magical laugh (and then you remember he hates your laugh, even though he can hear it coming from a mile away)

You’ve known him for 3 months now, in which you’ve pretty much “lost 2 phones” and he does things so you could talk to each other. the first time you met him, you were with friends and family members so you didnt take anything serious, you weren’t even interested in him but you just decided to go to his bedroom, where he’s alone and join him as he worked because you just felt this magnet (not one of sexual desire but just one that doesn’t even have a meaning, just an unexplainable pull, you weren’t even looking for anything but it happened)

i’ll continue some other time